Does book printing affected memory?

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Does human memory got worse when book printing was invented?

There’s no evidence that the invention of book printing caused human memory to worsen. In fact, the invention of book printing was a major step forward for human civilization as it allowed for the preservation and dissemination of knowledge on a much larger scale than previously possible. Before the invention of printing, information was typically passed down orally or through hand-written manuscripts, which were scarce and often limited to a small audience. With the invention of printing, books could be mass-produced and made widely available, allowing for more people to access and learn information.

However, it’s possible that the increased availability of written information may have changed the way people remembered and processed information. With books and other written materials readily available, people may have become less reliant on their own memory and more dependent on external sources of information. But this shift in the way people process information would not necessarily mean that human memory has worsened, but rather that it has adapted to new circumstances and tools.