How does "It's always DNS" become a meme in the networking industry?

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How does “It’s always DNS” become a meme in the networking industry?

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“It’s always DNS” has become a meme in the networking and IT industry due to the frequency with which Domain Name System (DNS) issues are encountered in troubleshooting network and internet-related problems. DNS is a crucial component of the internet that translates human-readable domain names (like into IP addresses (like that computers can understand. When DNS problems occur, they can lead to a wide range of issues, including websites not loading, emails not being delivered, and various network-related disruptions.

Here’s how “It’s always DNS” became a meme:

  1. Common Occurrence: Network and IT professionals often find themselves troubleshooting various issues, and DNS problems are a common culprit. DNS misconfigurations, DNS server outages, or other DNS-related issues can cause a wide range of problems. Over time, professionals noticed that DNS problems seemed to crop up more frequently than expected.
  2. Frustration: Dealing with DNS issues can be frustrating because they can be challenging to diagnose and resolve. Many troubleshooting steps might be tried before finally realizing that DNS is the root cause.
  3. Community Humor: To cope with the recurring frustration, IT professionals began to humorously say, “It’s Always DNS” whenever they encountered a network problem. This phrase acknowledges the frequent occurrence of DNS issues and has a somewhat resigned tone to it, as if to say, “Here we go again.”
  4. Meme Spread: The phrase caught on within the IT community and spread through forums, social media, and discussions among professionals. It became a way for people to commiserate and share their experiences with DNS-related woes.
  5. T-Shirts and Merchandise: The meme’s popularity led to the creation of various humorous merchandise, such as T-shirts, mugs, and stickers, featuring the phrase “It’s Always DNS.” This further contributed to its visibility and recognition within the industry.
  6. Relatability: Many network and IT professionals could relate to the meme because they had encountered their fair share of DNS issues, making it a shared inside joke within the community.

In summary, “It’s always DNS” became a meme in the networking industry because it humorously captures the frustration and frequency of DNS-related problems that professionals encounter when troubleshooting network issues. It serves as a way for IT and networking experts to commiserate and share their experiences, creating a sense of camaraderie within the industry.