Is it ever possible to post in the subreddit "Today I Learned"? Since every time I learned something new, someone already posted it

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You πŸ”—

Is it ever possible to post in the subreddit “Today I Learned”? Since every time I learned something new, someone already posted it.

ChatGPT πŸ”—

Yes, it is possible to post in the subreddit “Today I Learned” (TIL), even if you think someone may have already posted something similar. The key to a successful TIL post is to make sure your submission follows the subreddit’s rules and guidelines.

Here are some tips for posting in TIL:

  1. Search Before Posting: Before submitting a TIL post, use the subreddit’s search function to see if the fact you want to share has already been posted. If it has, consider whether you have a unique perspective or additional information to add to the discussion.
  2. Be Specific and Unique: If you find that the topic you want to share has been posted before, try to make your post more specific or find a unique angle to present the information. Adding context, personal experiences, or lesser-known details can make your post stand out.
  3. Follow Subreddit Rules: Each subreddit has its own set of rules and guidelines. Make sure to read and follow the rules of TIL to avoid your post being removed by moderators.
  4. Use Reliable Sources: Ensure that the information you’re sharing is accurate and comes from a credible source. Include a link to the source in your post if possible.
  5. Engage in Discussion: After posting, engage with the comments and discussion on your post. Answer questions, provide additional context, and be a part of the conversation.
  6. Timing Matters: The success of your post can also depend on the time of day you submit it. Posting during peak activity hours may increase its visibility.

Remember that even if your TIL post has some similarities to previous posts, it can still contribute to the ongoing discussion and may be appreciated by others who haven’t seen the information before. Reddit users often value fresh perspectives and additional context.

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No, not on the “rules,” I mean on the philosophy itself, it seems like every thing that can be research is researched already, every thing that I do is already done by others.

ChatGPT πŸ”—

It’s understandable to feel that way, especially in a subreddit like “Today I Learned” where users share interesting facts and information. It may seem like there’s nothing left to discover or share because so much information is readily available on the internet. However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. New Discoveries: While it’s true that much information is already known and readily accessible, new discoveries and research are constantly happening in various fields. Science, technology, and culture are always evolving, leading to fresh insights and facts. Staying updated on current events, scientific advancements, and emerging trends can help you find new and interesting things to share.
  2. Personal Experiences: Your own unique experiences and perspectives can make even well-known information feel fresh. You may have a personal story or insight related to a commonly known fact that hasn’t been shared before. Sharing how a piece of information impacted you personally can make it interesting and relatable to others.
  3. Unusual and Niche Topics: Consider exploring more unusual or niche topics that may not have received as much attention on the subreddit. There’s a good chance that there are many lesser-known facts and insights waiting to be shared.
  4. Combining Ideas: Sometimes, combining two seemingly unrelated pieces of information can lead to a novel and interesting discovery. Think about how different facts or ideas can be connected in a unique way.
  5. Community Engagement: The “Today I Learned” subreddit is a community of people interested in learning new things. Engaging with the community, discussing topics, and participating in conversations can help you discover new perspectives and facts you might not have encountered otherwise.

Remember that the internet is vast, and there’s always something new to learn or a different angle to explore. The philosophy of “Today I Learned” is not limited to sharing groundbreaking discoveries but also includes sharing knowledge and insights, no matter how small or seemingly common they may be. So, don’t be discouraged from sharing what you’ve learned; your perspective and enthusiasm can still be valuable to the community.