Is it required to crash in order to learn biking?

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Prompt: Is it true that you don’t learn how to bike if you don’t experienced crashing? My friends in the Philippines are saying that if you don’t crash, you don’t learn biking.

No, that statement is not necessarily true. While it is possible to learn how to ride a bike without experiencing a crash, it is true that many people do have minor accidents or falls while learning to ride. However, crashing is not a necessary part of the learning process, and it is not required for everyone to become proficient at biking.

Learning to ride a bike typically involves developing a sense of balance and coordination, along with gaining confidence in controlling the bike. Some people may have a few falls or bumps as they learn to balance and maneuver, but it is not a universal requirement.

Biking can be learned through gradual practice, starting with the use of training wheels or a balance bike for children, or by having a friend or family member provide support and guidance during the learning process. With consistent practice and proper instruction, many people can become proficient at biking without experiencing a crash. It’s important to prioritize safety while learning to ride by wearing appropriate protective gear and practicing in a safe environment.