Statistics and Emotions

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There is a quote saying that “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of a million is a statistic.”, is it true that statisticians does not feel sadness or any emotions when they compile statistics for a given disaster?

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No, this quote is not true when it comes to statisticians. Statisticians are trained professionals who analyze data and compile statistics to help us understand the impact of a disaster or tragedy. They may feel sadness or empathy like anyone else when analyzing data related to a tragedy or disaster.

However, the quote may be referring to the fact that the sheer magnitude of a large-scale disaster can make it difficult for people to comprehend the human toll and the individual stories behind each death. It is possible for people to become desensitized to large numbers, and this is where the quote may have some truth.

But it is important to remember that statisticians are people too, and they are often working to compile data that can help us prevent future tragedies or improve our response to them. They understand the human impact of disasters and work to convey that information through their statistics.