Why did Cody and May decided to divorce in It Takes Two?

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Prompt: In the game It Takes Two, why did Cody and May decided to divorce?

In the game “It Takes Two,” Cody and May, who are the main characters, decide to divorce due to issues in their relationship. The game portrays their struggles as a couple, and the reasons for their decision to divorce are depicted through the storyline.

The game’s plot revolves around Cody and May, a married couple who are facing challenges in their relationship. They have grown distant over time, and their differences have caused them to drift apart emotionally. The game hints at various reasons for their decision to divorce, such as lack of communication, unresolved conflicts, and changing priorities. As their relationship deteriorates, they reach a point where they can no longer see a future together and decide to separate.

Throughout the game, Cody and May navigate their way through a fantasy world filled with metaphorical representations of their struggles and emotions. As they embark on a journey to repair their broken relationship and save their daughter’s toy-like forms, they confront their issues head-on and work towards reconciliation.

Ultimately, the game portrays how Cody and May’s decision to divorce is not taken lightly, but is a result of a culmination of challenges that they are unable to overcome. However, the game also presents an opportunity for them to reflect on their relationship, learn from their mistakes, and find a way to rebuild their bond.